Budget travel series, Monroe County, WV

Heading to Monroe County? Here are some budget-friendly tips to help offset your shopping

Monroe County, WV

Monroe County, WV

splurges while your explore this rural, scenic area.

DO: Heritage Quilt Trail
Follow each traditionally designed quilt pattern through the rural countryside of Monroe County, stopping to enjoy the history and scenery along the way.

Historical Society Museum
The volunteer-run staff can guide you through Monroe County’s past, including rich Civil War history. The museum is free and open to the public.

Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory
All the forestland makes great roost room for birds. Watch the majestic eagles, ospreys, hawks and other raptors migrate above the observatory, and work with the pros to help keep the annual count for research.

Morgan Orchard
During the harvest season, grab the family and a basket to head out and pick your own fresh fruits at Morgan Orchard. Your food will be farm-fresh, and picking them yourself will save you a little money.

SEE: Cook’s Old Mill
This 1800’s gristmill is a gorgeous piece of preserved heritage. Explore the grounds, fish at the pond or have a picnic. The mill is being continually restored, but the outside is open to visitors.

Scenic Hike or Drive
The distinct characteristic of Monroe County is its perfectly preserved rolling farmland, so take an afternoon just taking in the scenery. Take a drive down the scenic byway, or hike the Appalachian or Allegheny Trails.

EAT & SHOP: The Cheese N More Store

Creekside in Monroe County

Creekside in Monroe County

Stop into this quaint Amish family shop for local cheeses, deli meats and jams on a delicious and affordable lunch sandwich or a salad. Then look around for some WV relishes, spices, candies or nuts to take home.

What are your budgeting tips for Monroe County?

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