Get on Track with the Derby Dames

They’re rough, they’re rowdy and they’re swift on wheels. They’re the Beckley Area Derby Dames

Beckley Area Derby Dames

Beckley Area Derby Dames

(BADD), racing around the track with determined scowls and a bone to pick with anyone in their path.

You don’t want to mess with these ladies on game day. With hard-earned (and creative) nicknames like kaPOWndcake, Peanut ButtKickHer and Yula B. Hurtin’, the Dames are donning their skates and rolling out behind 2013 team captain Cupcake Cadaver.

What’s Roller Derby?
Don’t let the theatrics fool you: derby really is competitive skating at its toughest. It’s a cutthroat sport where athletic ladies on skates kick. some. butt.

Recently seeing a resurgence from its skating race roots, Roller Derby is a mix of endurance, speeding down the track for the entire bout, and force, where skaters knock opponents out of bounds to prevent them from assisting their team. (And man, do they get harsh! Check out the action in their gallery.)

How Is It Played?
Each team has one Jammer, a Pivot and three Blockers on the track at a time. The Jammer is the point scorer, racking them up for each opponent she can lap and then pass. the Pivots and Blocker skate together in a rough “pack,” trying to impede the Jammers from scoring, and blocking opponents from helping their teammates

Each “jam” session can last up to 2 minutes, or until the Lead Jammer, the first to break through the pack at the start of the round, calls it off. Skaters can shove other players out of bounds, but it’s a penalty is the strike comes from behind, or uses hands, elbows, head or feet. (So, full-body slams are a-okay.)

How Do I Check it Out?
BADD straps up their skates at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center. This 2013 season, they bout at home May

B.A.D.D. In Action

B.A.D.D. In Action

12, June 16, June 29, July 13 and Sept. 14. You can buy tickets online or at the gate.

Come prepared! Get your BADD gear ready for the game from their online store. Maybe you can even catch an autograph post-bout from your favorite Dames on their annual calendar.

Catch a spectacular matchup with some great athletes, and head out to support the Derby Dames at their next bout!

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