Discover all the winter adventure in Southern WV

Southern WV’s rolling winterscapes are every bit as exciting as our warm-weather adventures.

Just how much is there to explore in the snowy season? Oh so much more than you expected.

Head outside to unlock these winter wonders in Southern WV, all worth braving the chill for:  


What in the world could be better than swooshing down a mountain in a blanket of beautiful, slippery fluff? Even if you’ve never tried it before, Winterplace was voted the #1 place to learn.  


Same fun concept with 1 ski instead of 2! Ok, well, it’s a little more different than that. Snowboarding lets you bring your agility into winding down the mountain. We recommend you try both to see what suits you.

Also, you can hit the terrain park at Winterplace. If you’re up for it, you brave soul, catch some air and try some spins. Maybe even flips, depending on how daring you want to be.


Plop into a big, cushy donut and whirl down the hillsides. Winterplace’s tubing park is the largest in the region, with lifts to drag you back up for the next round. It’s the easiest most exciting most wind-whipping fun you can have in the winter.

Bonus: the park is open late, so you can tube under the stars.

Tubing at Winterplace Ski Resort

Tubing at Winterplace Ski Resort


Tubing the old fashioned way! How charming! You can rent a sled at Pipestem State Park, where you’ll also happen to find some of the best hills.


Remember how happy the grinchy Winter Warlock was when Santa helped him figure out how to stroll around in the snow? (If you missed that classic movie, it was so enchanting, it turned the bad guy into Santa’s bestie.)

“One foot in front of the other…” That’s all it takes for a great time! Best part? You can go anywhere!

Cross-country skiing

It’s still skiing, but sans slopes. So it’s sort of a more elegant snowshoeing, where you get to glide through the wilderness instead of step. Find the best cross-country trails.


It’s never a dull time to fly! Tangled branches coated in ice make for an amazing backdrop to your aerial adventure. Bundle up and enjoy what all the silly birds that went South are missing.

Post-Jonas-Overlook-nrgb-winterstormjonas-visitwv-visitfayetteville-visittheville-gopro-goprowv-beahBridge Walk

If you haven’t seen the view of the New River Gorge from right on top of it, peering out from the catwalk of its iconic bridge, you should. And if you have, you should know that it’s an entirely different level of stunning in every season, so don’t miss the winter view.


It may be cold outside, but you know where the weather is predictable? Underground. Caves like Lost World Caverns keep the same temperature year-sound, so you can enjoy Mother Nature’s finest marvels even on the chilliest of days.


The trails are all yours this season. What will you uncover in winter? Imagine all your favorite natural spots, with a little extra shine. Discover the depths of the forest in its calmest, most serene state.  


Yup, the right wheels will take you easily down the winter trails. Gear up and pedal through the fresh powder for a slight challenge, with a big payoff.

Horseback Riding

Not up for a trek? Hop on horseback and let your 4-legged companion lead you through the best of the forest beauty. All you have to do is provide a few loving pats and enjoy the view.

Frozen waterfalls

Winter-Cathedral-.-A-rock-pile-ceases-to-be-a-rock-pile-the-moment-a-single-man-contemplates-it-bearTo put it simply, snow and ice are pretty. So are waterfalls. Now combine the 2. It’s like someone took an already jaw-dropping picturesque scene and threw glitter on it for a little extra sparkle. It’s definitely the most snow-selfie worthy backdrop of the entire season.


Yeah, it’s indoors, but it’s still a perfect way to take in the wonder of the landscapes. Choose a spot tucked back in the woods a little bit, curl up by the fire, and enjoy the views out the window.

Oh, did we mention that a lot of these cabins have their own hot tubs? You won’t even know it’s winter dipped into some soothing spa jets. Even if it’s snowing, the steam will melt the flakes, so you can get the great view of the fall, without the cold.

Speaking of spa… that’s always a nice stop along the way. There’s nothing better to wash away winter blues, or just to wind down after some wintertime wandering.

What do you explore out in the Southern WV snow?

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