In the hills, there’s art that moves you!

When you think of Princeton, West Virginia, you may not immediately think “art.” But this small mountain town is a hub for Southern West Virginia artists. Take a walk downtown and feel the heart and soul that this art community has to offer.

Holler: Contemporary Appalachian Art Gallery

From quilting to film, The Holler Contemporary Appalachian Art Gallery exhibits all types of media.

Holler’s main purpose is to showcase and sell Appalachian art and artists in all forms, from traditional folk craft to contemporary visions. A walk through the gallery captures what life in Appalachia feels like to individual artists; they feature everything from traditional art forms like painting and sculpture to experimental media and performance art. This fall, they’re welcoming Jaded Arts and their show “Tombtown.” 

Holler also hosts art classes for the community and rents studio space to artists. You can find more information about that on their Facebook page.

Stop in the next time you’re in downtown Princeton! They’re open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 8 p.m. Whether you’re from Appalachia or just passing through, the exhibits at Holler will resonate with your soul.

The RiffRaff

Walking through downtown Princeton, it’s hard not to feel the hard work and determination of the community. Colorful murals decorate the sides of buildings and historic spaces are in various stages of renovation. The RiffRaff Arts Collective has had a hand in many of these projects.

The RiffRaff Arts Collective serves as a hub for art, artists and community in Mercer County. It’s described as “a cooperative and interdisciplinary group of performing, visual, literary and healing artists.” The RiffRaff is home to 2 live performance venues, a state of the art recording studio, 6 artist studios, a music school and a fine art gallery. The RiffRaff also provides the community with enriching experiences by supporting Culturefest World Music and Arts Festival and All Together Arts Week. The RiffRaff has also supported the Princeton Renaissance Projectand has contributed to the revitalization of the downtown area.

With all of these resources in one downtown location, spending some time at The RiffRaff will certainly make you feel the passion that Princeton has for the arts.

Beckley Arts Center

In the area and want more ways to be touched by the inspirational work of the region’s artists? The Beckley Art Center is a great hub for artists looking to be inspired and for those looking to be inspired by art. Through classes, exhibitions in the Cynthia Bickey Art Gallery and pop-up galleries around town, the Beckley Art Center is ready to help everyone feel moved by artworks of every kind.


Being in the presence of the best of West Virginia, from the painstakingly crafted woodworks, art, perfectly blown glass, one can’t help but be moved by the beautiful works created by some of West Virginia’s best artisans. Tamarack’s offerings from pristine artworks and rustic crafts will astonish all who walk through its corridors.

Whether you’re looking for a live music performance or want to check out the art gallery, both Holler and The RiffRaff will give you a glimpse into the artistic soul of southern West Virginia— and leave you feeling like you’re part of the community.