Appalachian Coal Town Christmas

Celebrate Christmas with true Southern WV style at the

Appalachian Coaltown Christmas

Appalachian Coaltown Christmas

Appalachian Coal Town Christmas: with carriages, carols, marshmallow roasting and a trip inside the Earth!

Dig underground into our region’s most iconic industry. Roll along the mantrip tracks into a real abandoned mine, with a veteran coal miner to share the tales of the boom days.

Holiday lights do seem to shimmer extra cheerfully after you emerge from an underground passage, after all. (Although the Youth Museum’s planetarium takes seasonal light displays to a whole new galaxy.)

It’s a trip through WV culture, but it’s certainly not some stodgy history lesson. Bring the whole family. After hearing the amazing tales about the mines, the Youth Museum’s hands-on exhibits will engage the young’uns.

Share the gift of mountain creativity with crafting activities and artisan wares.

And we of course can’t leave out our more traditional celebrations of the season, like horse-drawn carriage rides, roasted ‘mallows and carols, all illuminated by a backdrop of a grand display of Christmas lights and decorations.

Join us Nov. 27- 28 and Dec. 4- 5 for this truly unique celebration of the season, Southern-WV style.  Cost is $10 per adult, $5 per child and includes all activities.