The Top 50 Reasons To Go White Water Rafting In West Virginia

1.    It’s hot outside.
2.    Rafting is the summer tradition in West Virginia (if you make it one).

New River Rafting

3.    Guides are ridiculously funny.
4.    White water brings people closer together.
5.    There’s no better way to see a gorge than from the river.
6.    Rapids are like roller coasters, but wetter.
7.    It’s really hot outside.
8.    You get great pictures of yourself doing something awesome.
9.    You’ll make memories.
10.     Butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face.
11.     Amazing scenery.
12.     White water is the best way in the world to get back in touch with nature.
13.     Sometimes you watch the show, and sometimes you are the show.
14.     You can’t really wear the T-shirt unless you’ve been down the river.
15.     Amazing riverside lunch.
16.     Learning to surf West Virginia style (they really do surf rafts).
17.     It’s really incredibly hot outside.
18.     Swimming in the pools in between rapids.
19.     Paddling through the rapids in between pools.
20.     Getting smacked in the face with a wave is the river’s way of saying hi.
21.     You can push family members out of the raft.
22.     The family section of the New River (the Upper New) is perfect for kids.

Family Duckie Trip on Upper New River

23.     It’s also perfect for scaredy-cats.
24.     Summer rafting on the Gauley River is a sure fire way to have the whole place to yourselves.
25.     It’s really incredibly, insanely hot outside.
26.     Rafting is like being on a lake; a very narrow lake with huge waves.
27.     If you fall out of the raft, you’ll have a story to tell forever.
28.     If you stay in the raft, you’ll have a story to tell forever.
29.     Dinner tastes better after a rafting trip.
30.     You’ll meet people who are just as much fun as you are.
31.     Rafting leads to other stuff, like ATV rides, bike trips, and canopy tours.
32.     It will become an addiction (a good one).
33.     Rapids with names like “Scramble Like A Rat” and “Lost Paddle”.
34.     Your bus driver will be the most interesting person you meet all year.
35.     It’s really incredibly, insanely, ridiculously hot outside.
36.     You can show off that back flip at Jump Rock.
37.     It’s a scientific fact that there is no better way to make kids go to bed early than a day of white water rafting.
38.     You can show off those new river shorts/bathing suit.
39.     You’ll laugh harder than you have in a long, long time.
40.     Rapids on white water rivers make you feel alive.
41.     You can see deer, bald eagles, fish, and all kinds of other cool wildlife.
42.     It’s a great place to re-learn what poison ivy looks like and how to avoid it.
43.     Rafting lets you learn about the natural world and have fun at the same time.
44.     White water rivers are great places to challenge yourself.
45.     There’s no feeling on earth like paddling off the lip of a horizon line into a rapid.
46.     Rafting makes your vacation time really count.
47.     Your kids will think you’re the coolest person in the world (for a while).
48.     Best. Vacation. Ever.
49. It’s really, incredibly, insanely, ridiculously, stupendously hot outside.
50.     White water rafting is the best way in the universe to cool off.

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