5 Things You Didn’t Know About Southern West Virginia

West Virginia is well known for mountains, streams, and country living.  It’s a place to vacation and spend some time.  We’re also a place to get away from the cityburbs and relax.
But there’s a lot to this area that some folks miss.  If you really want to see this part of West Virginia, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

You Can Ski Here
A lot of people think you have to travel up the winding roads of the Allegheny Ridge for hours to get to skiing in West Virginia.  Not true.  Right off of interstate 77 sits Winterplace Ski Resort.  It’s kind of like the convenience store of skiing:  it’s so easy to access and it’s affordably priced.

You Can Go In A Coal Mine
Okay, make sure you don’t just wander into any old coal mine.  That would be insanely dangerous.  What you have to do is head to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine or the Pocahontas Exhibition Mine and Museum.  It’s a ridiculously fun thing to do- all the tour guides are old miners, and they know all the best jokes.

You Never Have to Touch Pavement
That’s a weird one.  But it’s true.  When we say that we’re a good place to get away, we mean it.  If you visit the Hatfield and McCoy or Burning Rock trail system, you get to ride ATVs off-road, and stay in cabins connected to the trails. You can even get your groceries on your four wheeler.  Hey, if you’re going to get away, you might as well be serious about it.

There Are A Ton Of Artists Here
Realizing that “a ton” isn’t a specific number, what we mean to say is that there’s great art in Southern West Virginia. Almost everywhere you go, there’s art for sale.  With a lot of themes that reflect our history, and our geography, WV artists thankfully give us great ways to take our memories home.

We Have Three State Songs
You don’t have to come here to listen to them, but a state with three state songs is trying to tell you something:  Our music is awesome.  And not just the Bluegrass stuff (though that’s what we’re known for).  Pretty much all kinds of music can be heard all throughout southern West Virginia; we’re a destination for music and festivals.

If you already knew about any of those things, we apologize for going over it again.  If not, come up and check it out.  We’d be happy to introduce you to the area.  Because that’s what we do.