5 Activities That Will Make Your West Virginia Vacation Even Better

You’re vacationing in West Virginia.  You’ve planned a few big adventures; whitewater rafting, zip lining, rock climbing.  You’ve booked the cabin, or hotel, or grabbed a campsite.  You’ve never been to West Virginia but know you’ll have some free time to do other activities once you’re here.  Here’s a handy list of options you may want to include in your vacation:

Theatre West Virginia

Here in southern West Virginia we’re lucky to have our very own acting company.  Every season, Theatre West Virginia performs four to five different outdoor dramas.  Of these, Honey in the Rock and Hatfields and McCoys have become tradition.

And yes, we said outdoor dramas.  Theatre West Virginia performances take place at the Cliffside Ampitheater at Grandview, which is part of the New River Gorge National River.  When you get to town, call the Theatre West Virginia box office to see what shows are playing and to check availability.

Youth Museum and Exhibition Coal Mine

If you’re traveling with young children, you should make time to visit the Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia.  Besides an impressive living history experience that interprets how settlers lived on the Appalachian frontier, the museum has a planetarium and rotating exhibits that change about 3 times a year.

Right next door is the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, where visitors have the chance to go underground into a non-working coal mine.  You’ll learn about the history of coal mining and it’s impact on the area.  Above ground, you can tour a restored coal company house, school, and church, amongst other buildings.

Bridgehaven Golf Course


You might not think of golf when you think of West Virginia, but it’s here.  And lots of it.  In southern West Virginia, there are well over twenty courses.  Many of them will even allow you to rent clubs if you haven’t brought your own.


What could be easier to add to your trip than a hike?  We have so many amazing trails here in southern West Virginia.  Chances are good that wherever you are staying, there’s a trail pretty close by.

Many of the WV State Parks in our area have a number of trails.  There will be a ranger on hand to give you tips and pointers before you start your trek.  If you’re new to hiking, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind – wear the right shoes, pack food and water, and some first aid essentials.

The Mystery Hole

Trust us, you’ve never experienced anything like the Mystery Hole.  This kitschy roadside attraction has been entertaining visitors for years.  You could say that it’s a cross between a funhouse and a magic act, with some corny but funny jokes thrown in.

This adventure will only take an hour or so, so it’s perfect to tack onto any day of your vacation.

What other last-minute adventures would you recommend to southern West Virginia visitors?

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