3 Different Ways To Get To Southern West Virginia

There are a lot of different ways to get to Southern West Virginia. The right one depends on which way you want to come.


There’s the geographical way, for starters.  Easy enough to find on any map, the southern part of our state starts at the Virginia and Kentucky boarders. Then keep going up to about Nicholas County, and draw a horizontal line. That’s about right (allowing for the mountains and valleys to take a little leeway).

If you’re coming up the interstate from the south, the entrance can be pretty dramatic, especially in the fall.  Once you come through Big Walker Mountain Tunnel, you open up to the wide mountain vistas of the Mountain State.

You could also fly into the regional airport in Beckley or into Charleston (about a one hour drive), or take the train through the New River Gorge.   However you come, there will be plenty to do once you get here.


Then there’s the metaphorical way.   To get to southern West Virginia, you need to be looking for a place that’s out of the ordinary in almost every way. Big, steep mountains channel water through them in amazing ways (think waterfalls, lots and lots of them).  Fall colors are as dramatic as the spring is green.

You have to leave your other world, your working world, behind.  Southern West Virginia is about being outside, being active.  It’s about heritage and history, tall tales and music.  Floating on a river in a raft, or ripping down a mountain on an ATV.


Our favorite is the plan-your-vacation way.   Here at the southern West Virginia CVB, we hope to be a resource of not only people and places, but of experiences.  The pages in visitwv.com link all over our area – almost every business that can help make your visit a great one is in here somewhere.  The pages are full of useful information, and of course you can always give us a call.

So, here we are.  You coming?  Which way is your favorite?