17 Things Every West Virginian is Thankful For

It’s the time of year to acknowledge your blessings, and if you’re a Southern West Virginian, you’ve got quite a lot to account for.

Whether you live here, were raised here, or have a piece of your heart here, here are some things to be thankful for as a Southern West Virginian:

Thanksgiving traditions passed down generations

In WV, it’s not just about the dinner. It’s about the way your grandma taught you to fold the pie crusts. And the way you all share fond memories around the table.

 Appalachian Eats!

Homestyle is our specialty, and there’s nothing more satisfying than WV comfort food. Fluffy hand-rolled pepperoni rolls, tangy rhubarb cobbler, wild ramp stuffing, and oh the gravy! And all from scratch— your cranberry glaze only comes from a jar because you canned it yourself!

Pepperoni Rolls

Yeah, pepperoni rolls deserve their own mention. Because they’re that good. And because they’re our most uniquely recognized creation. And no one does them quite like home.


Our Mountain Mama

People like to throw around the word “breathtaking,” but you know what it’s like to come face-to-face with natural wonders in Southern West Virginia that truly take your breath away. Literally. It’s one big outdoor playground, ready for adventure.


Beautiful WV Mountains

…And the Art She Inspires

These stunning rolling hills are the muse for some amazing artworks. There’s a distinctly regional style here that draws from the mountain environment, from flawlessly curvaceous glass to expertly whittled woodworks.

Antique Treasure Troves

The mountain state is littered with antique shops, where you can discover amazing relics of our heritage. We value the pieces of our past, hold on to them, and pass them along.

Easy Living

Just sitting on the porch and enjoying the breeze— one of the simple things we take the time to appreciate here.


Whether it’s a Friday night baseball game, an old-fashioned festival, or leaping off a bridge, we always seem to be doing something to celebrate here in Southern WV. It’s a pretty fun place to be.

Rich History

From the coal mines and the rail lines to the war battles and artistic architecture,Southern WV’s story has shaped diversely over the years. And we love telling it. We preserve our past so we can explore and share it.


The full story of our state is only half-told in the traditional history. What really fills in the details are the tales our grandparents have to tell. They might be a little tall at times, but they’re always worth re-hearing.

Kind folks

People say hello. They ask how you’re doing, and they truly care to know. Growing up here instills a warmth in you. We’re welcoming. And that’s always comforting to come home to.

Local Shops

Our historic downtowns thrive with entrepreneurs and innovators. When you shop here, you’re supporting quality, tradition and community.


Southern WV’s standout culture doesn’t come with a high price tags. The cost of living and exploring here makes it easy to indulge in all the best— and there’s a lot of “best” to enjoy.

Mountain Music

Folk, bluegrass, blues— the musical roots here grow wild. The twang of the banjo and the call of the dulcimer can always inspire you to move your feet. If you know the old-time moves, all the better!


Our state is sitting on the edge of some exciting opportunities to grow. Whether you’re here building up our future now, or hoping to return home, there’s plenty of reason to be looking forward to what’s happening here right now.

Sharing the charm with outsiders (even if they don’t get it.) 

Southern West Virginia has such a unique flavor, and people who didn’t grow up here are in for a real treat. It’s always a laugh to watch them taste their first pepperoni roll, or watch their breath disappear at the first glimpse of our mountain wilderness.

Coming home

Doesn’t matter where you’ve been. You know you miss it.

What about Southern WV are you thankful for?