The intense heat has died down, and the fall colors will soon be breaking out across Southern WV, which means we’re heading outdoors for some festival fun.

Two Young Participants of the Appalachian Stringband Festival

Two Young Participants of the Appalachian Stringband Festival – July 31-August 4th

August is full of festivals to try. Every weekend, in fact, several gatherings will be popping up around the region. And, this month, we’re even breaking out WV’s best for our state fair.

Which August festivals should you attend? We’d love to say “all of them,” but you’d be tuckered out. Instead, we’ll suggest which 10 interesting fairground and festival attractions not to miss this month.

1. Poetry Jam

The Lewisburg Literary Festival will showcase some of the top authors, and Friday night, it will also give a nod to some of the state’s most creative and well-known poets in the Harmony Ridge artisan gallery and gourmet coffee and wine bar.

2. Square dancing

Camp out for a week-long musical immersion at the 24th Appalachian String Band Festival. In addition to a full lineup of great music and workshops, you get your Appalachian dancin’ shoes on and learn some traditional folk steps.

3. Ducky Race

Sponsored rubber duckies will be sent in herds down the river to the finish line. Catch the little quackers on their journey, which concludes the WV Water Festival. Arrive to the festival a little earlier, and you could get a free PFD (commonly called a life jacket) at “Safety on the Blue.”

4. Jazz and Blues

A new festival is being added to our August repertoire of festivals.  This inaugural event takes place on the majestic New River in Sandstone, WV on what locals lovingly refer to as “The Drift”.  The Simply Jazz and Blues Festival  is just simply great music.  Check out the lineup and show this music festival some love.

5. Extreme Raptor Show

Master falconers will show off the natural prowess of their eagles, falcons, hawks and owls, with a touch of comedy, choreography and special effects at the WV State Fair. Afterward, you can get your photo taken with the massive birds, whose wingspans can reach nearly 8 feet.

6. Swifty Swine Pig Races

At the State Fair of WV, you can watch these little porkies racing their way to the finish line to claim a pig’s version of a million dollars, the grand prize— an Oreo cookie! And, you can get your photo made with the little champions (after they’ve finished gobbling up their cookies.)

7. All American Stunt & Thrill Show, and Rise Above Bike Show

Action if on tap for the State Fair of WV - August 9-17

Action if on tap for the State Fair of WV – August 9-17

Watch daredevils defy gravity as they balance on stacked chairs, a Spacewheel and more, sometimes blindfolded at the State Fair of WV. And, to add to the excitement: they’ll be doing somersaults and tricks. That not extreme enough for you? How about mega-air BMX stunts, swinging through the air? You have to see for yourself what we’re talking about, but it’s intense, and awesome.

8. Ghost Tours

Tour the most haunted sites in Beckley with the Appalachian Festival‘s ghost tour. Get a peek into the city’s history, and be on the lookout for lingering spirits. If you’re too scared, just head to the Raleigh County Public Library for tellings of traditional Appalachian tales instead.

9. Quilt Show

See hand-stitched quilts, a state tradition, at the WV Arts and Crafts Fair, among primitives, ceramics, cookbooks, carvings and other state crafts. From the traditional geometric shape patterns to memories frozen in fabric, each of these blankets will have a story to share.

10. Taste of Appalachia Block Party

Get a real Appalachian dining experience and sample all the region’s most unique cuisine, like fried green tomatoes, beans and cornbread, and bar-be-que. Restaurants will be cooking up their “Tastes of Appalachia” right in the streets of Beckley.
There’s plenty more to see this month, and next month, too! Check out our calendar for the full list of events across Southern WV.

Which August festival are you most excited about?

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