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by: Lisa Strader Everyone has family or friends that visit on occasion, and of course, when they do, they rely on you to tell them what to see and do in your area. Do you have that one, tried and true tradition that you share? Well I do, and I want to share it with… View Article

TWV Honey w Seal

Fall in Southern WV is one of our favorite times of the year. Lots of good things are happening, from a change of scenery to a change in  whitewater.  Here are some of the highlights: Fall Weather Fall has, by far, the best weather for visiting southern West Virginia. Don’t get us wrong; we love… View Article

Babcock's Glade Creek Grist Mill
Family Time in WV

Families, no matter where they are from, are diverse. There are older members, younger members, wild members, calm members, go-getters, and slow-movers.  It is this diversity that makes families fun and unique. But diversity can also present a challenge when trying to organize a family get-together. All kinds of people can make it hard to… View Article

Ranger Led Hike - Enjoying the View

Since the New River Gorge Bridge was completed in 1977, it has been a marvel admired by millions.  1977 was a time even before whitewater rafting was a  popular tourism activity.  The completion of the Bridge was a very significant step in the progress of southern West Virginia becoming a substantial outdoor vacation destination. The… View Article

Rafters stopped for lunch and watching the action

So you’ve planned a rafting adventure, but you’re uncertain about what to wear to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip.  We can help.   Here’s a list of necessities and comfort items that you should think about bringing, depending upon the season. Appropriate Clothing In the summer, this means wearing swimming trunks or a bathing… View Article

Cathedral Falls Raging photo by Leann Arthur/The Register-Herald

Spring is a great time to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature’s handiwork.  Whether you’re taking just a short trip down a path or going on a longer day-hike, Southern WV is full of great places to explore. Here a nice spring full of rain makes for one fantastic waterfall season.  Most waterways are running… View Article

If you’re thinking about getting away this spring, there are lots of options for you here in Southern WV including some great cabin rentals.  Some are rustic, some more modern. Some include a full list of amenities, and some amenities can be added …if you know to ask for them. Here are some secrets (ahem..tips)… View Article

Inside View of Modern Cabin

While most everyone has heard of spa resorts like  The Greenbrier and the Homestead, you may not know that at one time more than 50 different springs and spa resorts dotted the countryside of what is now West Virginia and Virginia.  While all that remains of most are stone ruins or single structures, they provide… View Article

Mineral Springs Resort - Salt Sulphur Springs
Pinnacle Rock in "Spring Green"

If you ever needed a reminder about how great life is, do this:   Come to southern West Virginia in the spring. Because this is hands-down, without-a-doubt the best time to be in the mountains. Here are 5 reasons why: •    The Green: The green that pops up during springtime isn’t just green.  It’s spring… View Article