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New River Gorge Bridge - Ed Goody Photography

A massive structure like the New River Gorge Bridge deserves a massive festival, and Bridge Day does not disappoint. From the 450 BASE jumpers to the 200+ vendors to the 300 or so rappellers, this southern West Virginia festival goes big in every category.  It was even planned to take advantage of the 100 different… View Article

Family Time in WV

Families, no matter where they are from, are diverse. There are older members, younger members, wild members, calm members, go-getters, and slow-movers.  It is this diversity that makes families fun and unique. But diversity can also present a challenge when trying to organize a family get-together. All kinds of people can make it hard to… View Article

Pie from Pies and Pints

Anytime you visit a new place, there’s one question you should ask: “Where do the locals go?” Whether it’s hiking, biking, shopping, or relaxing, locals are the key to finding those sometimes overlooked or unknown places in your vacation destination. At no time are locals more helpful than when trying to decide where to dine…. View Article

Ranger Led Hike - Enjoying the View

Since the New River Gorge Bridge was completed in 1977, it has been a marvel admired by millions.  1977 was a time even before whitewater rafting was a  popular tourism activity.  The completion of the Bridge was a very significant step in the progress of southern West Virginia becoming a substantial outdoor vacation destination. The… View Article

Early rainfalls have created a great opening for whitewater rafting season.  Some outfitters started running trips as early as March!  But April was, officially,  the beginning of 7 months full of whitewater fun and adventure. This year’s Spring rainfall has been incredible so rafters can expect to go farther faster with great runs and holes… View Article

Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia

If we had to give you a top 10 list of things to do while visiting Southern WV – taking in a show at one of our theatres would be up there. Here we’re fortunate to have three theatre companies that put on some 20-30 different plays throughout the year. And in summer, they take… View Article

Honey In The Rock - Performed Annually by Theatre WV

Streets lined with food.  Beer gardens.  Celebrations 876 ft in the air.  These are what West Virginia festivals are made of and over the next two weekends there are lots of lip-smacking events to choose from.  Here are some insider tips on what’s new with these can’t miss fall festivals: * Taste Of Our Towns… View Article

Rappeller w/ US & WV State Flags/ Bridge Day

It was announced today that the Boy Scouts are coming to West Virginia. Like, all of them.  At once. It’s big news. Around here, everyone knows that the scouts just purchased an enormous 10,000+ acre facility.  It’s right on the New River Gorge, and will be home to a new Boy Scout High Adventure Base,… View Article

Bridge Day Zipline

Bridge Day. Around here, those are some big words.  Everyone knows that Bridge Day is the largest festival in West Virginia.  We also know that it has to be seen to be believed.  It’s a spectacle. That much, we can all agree on.  Bridge Day is about as cool as it gets.  But there are… View Article