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  Planning some splurges this family vacation? How about balancing that out with some money-savers? Each of our counties here in Southern WV offers fun-filled getaways and activities that won’t break the bank. So, we’re giving you tips to save a little when you visit us! Here’s your budget guide to a Raleigh County and… View Article

Power Park

And there’s the pitch . . . the swing . . .  and it’s a hit!   The thrill of baseball has returned to West Virginia. America’s favorite pastime has began for the 2013 season at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston, WV.  Fans flood the stadium to root, root, root for the minor league Power… View Article

When you come to southern West Virginia, you have some expectations, generally.  Natural beauty.  Secluded mountain cabins.  White water rafting, maybe.  Adventure.  Art.  That sort of thing. Most people don’t think, “baseball”.  But they should.  Southern WV has long been home to three minor league teams, the furthest south being the Princeton Rays and the… View Article

Power Park - Home of the WV Power