Local Restaurants and Signature Dishes – Diogi’s Mexican Grill

Carnitas w/ Salvadorian-Style Guacamole

We’ve got another restaurant recommendation for you on your next visit to southern West Virginia. Diogi’s Mexican Grill in Fayetteville is a must-try in these parts.

Although the word Diogi is not Spanish, the food there is a blend of Mexican, Latin and El Salvadorian cuisine. Curious about the name? It’s what you hear when you spell out the word ‘dog’. And that name was inspired by Liberty, Lucy,

Carnitas w/ Salvadorian-Style Guacamole

Lola, Lexi and Leo, the 5 dogs that belong to Diogi’s owners Barbara and Oscar Aguilar. If you visit this unique Fayetteville eatery you’ll see that’s not all those five pups inspired.

Barbara and Oscar moved here from Philadelphia in 2008 to open DiOGi’s. This was after 12 years of owning a restaurant in Philly. That might sound like an unusual progression until you learn that Barbara is a Hinton native. The Salvadorian twist is genuine, as that’s where Oscar hails from. His roots definitely influence many of his recipes.

Although the food is predominantly Latin, Diogi’s has something for every palate, including burgers, steak, and baby back ribs. Oscar does like to mix things up though, and on any given night you may find some cool specials, even sushi. The couple pride themselves on serving great food; most everything they serve is homemade. Barbara and Oscar love Fayetteville and try to give back to the area by using as much organic, locally grown produce and locally raised meats as possible.

The décor at Diogi’s?  Well, it’s unique and definitely one-of-a-kind. In fact, you could say it’s gone to the dogs and you wouldn’t be far off.  A bar with a stream running through it, tables made from old Fayette County barn wood, and dog-friendly outdoor dining make this restaurant a local favorite. A full bar with locally brewed beer and live music every Monday doesn’t hurt either.


Salvadorian-Style Guacamole

Here is Oscar’s recipe for the guacamole served at Diogi’s. Its great when used in other dishes or just as a stand-alone appetizer.

15 ripe Haas avocados
5 hard-boiled eggs
6 1/2 oz. of diced red onions
1 oz. fresh cilantro, use mostly leaves & chop coarsely
0.6 oz. granulated garlic
5.5 oz. of fresh squeezed lime juice
3 oz. of sliced pickled jalapenos
1.5 oz. of jalapeno juice.

Cut avocados in half, remove seed, scoop avocado into large mixing bowl.
Chop hard-boiled eggs, and add all ingredients together.  Mix well, and enjoy!
This guacamole is a must-try, trust us. And be sure to try their superb carnitas. You can even get a doggie taco if you’re dining with your pooch.

Give DiOGi’s a visit next time you’re hungry and ask for Barbara and Oscar, they’d love to meet you.

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